Loopy Love

Loopy Love is for you if you are looking to be crazily in love with someone. Being loopy can mean being offbeat, dotty and even eccentric but in the context of feelings for others it can mean irrational - hence the term loopy love. We all want to be loved - you don't have to be crazy or offbeat to want that. However the feeling of irrational craziness that being completely head over heels about someone can be categorised as loopy love. So this site caters for people looking for those kinds of feeling. All ages can enjoy the feeling of being nuts about someone. It is not a question of being categorised and put in a box but loopy love does exist when you are totally crazy about your partner. There is a good reason that this dating site exists - with many members living near you on the lookout for dizzy intoxicating love, you are bound to find someone that will float your boat. You will be in good company with many others who are also looking to be loopy loved up. The site is of course safe and secure and it is easy to search for others looking for the same loopy love as you.

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